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Image by Daniel Seßler
Dan Goman, OWNZONES Entertainment


Founder & CEO | Ateliere Creative Technologies


Dan Goman is the founder and CEO of Ateliere Creative Technologies, an entertainment technology business that originated as a content company before breaking into SaaS. The son of two immigrant parents who sought political asylum in the United States after expressing dissent towards the communist government in their native Romania, Goman used his intuition and technological acumen to help media companies such as Microsoft, Lucent Technologies and AT&T Wireless advance their technology before trying his hand at entrepreneurship.

In the aughts, Goman began noticing the ever-increasing shift towards digital content, both from paper and broadcast media. His experience at Microsoft provided him insight into digital rights management and planted a seed in his mind for a company that would allow access to different forms of content in one location. Feeling the pull of his individualistic and entrepreneurial spirit, Goman left his job at Microsoft and in 2009 started Ateliere.

For the first six years the company functioned as a content company, creating, launching and operating over 400 digital channels, managing over 5 million assets, and distributing to over 25 countries. Utilizing his background in software, Goman made sure to build within his company a talented team of software and tech experts to ensure that they wouldn’t be held back should the technology for the innovation they desired not be available yet elsewhere. However, upon realizing the value of their technology to the content partners they had gained, Goman and the company pivoted to focus on their state of the art technology, becoming a SaaS company and offering their digital supply chain solutions and cloud-native media workflow B2B.


Today, Ateliere has become a one-stop shop for post-production companies to transform, deliver, and monetize their content. Ateliere's patented FrameDNA technology has won multiple awards and the company has signed a five-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS.

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