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Dan Goman on TechTalks Daily Podcast: The Story Behind Ateliere

Dan Goman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ateliere, a tech company that solves many of the production and distribution challenges of legacy technology. It does this through its cloud-native digital media supply chain and distribution platforms.

Its solutions help companies focus their time, energy, and resources toward delivering the best audience experience possible. It works with leading production and streaming companies and aims to have the leading and only solution available on the market for the expected $932 billion streaming industry by 2028.

Born in Western Romania during the 1970s, Dan and his family lived under an oppressive communist regime, where his father was given a choice: conform or shut up. He did neither, so his parents were fired from their jobs. The family of eight kids struggled as they applied for political asylum to move to the U.S.— but once this was granted, they never looked back

Dan was an ambitious child and wanted to succeed in his new, unknown surroundings — he learned English from watching television shows and taught himself programming on an old IBM computer. He went on to graduate with a degree in IT and began a career in software development.

This led to him start-up his own company, Ateliere. As streaming services started rising in popularity, Dan knew this was a valuable market, as these streaming platforms would need support with the consolidation of production and content

We discuss how he has become a successful start-up developer as an immigrant from a troubling background and the lessons he's learned that have facilitated Ateliere's significant success. We also explore how Ateliere is fueling an evolution by helping streaming giants consolidate their media content and helping other platforms come together with merging businesses.

I also learn why the next generation of filmmakers and directors need to think cloud-first – upskilling the entertainment industry to incorporate new technology.


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