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Content Creators Can Save Millions with This One Simple Trick | #Trends2023 (Published quote)

The media industry has undergone massive changes throughout 2022. The current global recession has seen streaming giants struggle to maintain customer revenue and interest, especially with new streamers such as Paramount Plus, entering the market.

According to Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere, as we dive headfirst into 2023, we can only expect to see further challenges and more competition within and facing the streaming world.

In 2022, Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) platforms exceeded 1.25 billion subscribers worldwide, and that number will double by 2027. Such a large number of subscribers demands an ever-increasing stream of fresh content. Even with a vast pool of consumers, it is a hyper-competitive market featuring a lot of big players, and high-quality content is the currency that’s keeping platforms on top.

However, with streaming services serving a worldwide audience, each content title can have hundreds of duplicated versions. One of the main reasons for this is the need for localization into many languages.

Episodes with alternative language audio and subtitle tracks have traditionally needed their own file versions, and particular territories may have laws surrounding background advertising or violent images – in which case, different edited versions are required to comply. All these files can be massive, often adding up to petabytes of costly storage for a single movie or television series.

This is where deduplication comes into its own – streamlining and reducing the amount of storage needed for all the alternate versions. Ateliere Connect is a digital media supply chain platform offering a unique deduplication function that can significantly reduce the amount of storage, often by more than 70%. The savings can add up to millions for an extensive content library or studio.


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