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For Netflix, a Lack of Identity Could Be an Asset | Analysis (Published Quote)

Unlike most of its streaming rivals, the trendsetter isn’t defined by a specific brand, franchise or IP.

By The Wrap

What is Netflix's identity amid a crowded streaming era? Well, it's not about any single piece of content or ongoing franchise, even though any given subscriber surely has a favorite Netflix show or movie.

Netflix is defined as being the first of its kind, arguably the only A-level streaming service, one that got into the marketplace of online streaming by choice rather than competitive envy or Wall Street pressure.

"[Netflix] has some significant advantages over the competition, including the fact that it is exclusively a digital streaming company," stated Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere, a provider of software and services to entertainment companies. "This means that it doesn't have to deal with the challenges faces by other competitors operating both digital and legacy businesses."


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