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Goodbye HBO, hello Max (Published Quote)

The streaming service’s relaunch includes tiers with full libraries of Harry Potter, up to 100 offline downloads, and more.

By Gary Guthrie

HBO Max is trimming off its old branding deadwood and relaunching as just plain ‘ol “Max.” Starting May 23, the streaming service will roll out an updated app alongside its updated name, and one that includes a sizable bonus – the full Discovery+ catalog.

HBO has a strong resume when it comes to delivering unique and critically acclaimed content. However, Dan Goman, CEO & founder of Ateliere, told ConsumerAffairs that its 30-year history also comes with some negative perceptions.

For some viewers, HBO is nearly synonymous with adult-themed shows/programming – “which can be a problem if you are trying to reach a very broad audience that cuts across age groups, demographics, etc.” The Discovery library, he says, addresses that.


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