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Netflix will reportedly raise rates once the actors strike is over (Published Quote)

Disney raising prices, too.

By Consumer Affairs

What do they say about no good deed goes unpunished? Tell that to Netflix. The streaming service king reportedly is planning a price hike for anyone who has an “ad-free” account once the actors strike has been officially settled.

A Wall Street Journal report cited anonymous sources as saying the streaming service is "discussing" raising subscription prices in various markets, with the U.S. and Canada being the first two. Neither Netflix's new rates nor their implementation date were known to the Journal.

Dan Goman, CEO & Founder of Ateliere, says that he saw this coming. “The recent decision marks a pivotal shift from chasing subscriber growth to aiming for financial sustainability in the streaming industry,” he told ConsumerAffairs. “This move, amidst growing industry pressures and the trend towards bundled offerings, signals a maturation phase.”


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