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There are a couple of new bundles in the jungle of streaming services. Are you ready to switch?

Some prices are up, some competitively better

By Gary Guthrie

The new cable?

If you don't like the word "cable TV," then turn your head and cough. But one streaming expert says that what we are seeing is basically a reincarnation of cable, now in digital format.

"Initial streaming offerings were cost-effective – and there weren’t that many to manage," Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere, told ConsumerAffairs. "However, we now have a confluence of events that necessitate an evolution: the explosion of subscription-based streaming offerings, cost increases and a post-Covid shift."

Goman says that as much as we hated the cable bundles with the 300 channels we never watch, streaming bundles provide cost efficiencies, and the bundle is what made it cost-effective for families.

There's also a big plus on the revenue side of the spreadsheet for the content providers. The reason many streaming companies are embracing ad-supported packages is because Advertising Video on Demand provides the content owner with both additional customer access and revenue options.

Consumers may not like the cable-like direction this is going, but Goman says it's a win-win.

"Ad-supported content gives a platform broader reach to meet both the consumer, who is willing to pay a premium for no ads and the consumer who is willing to embrace ads for a cheaper price."


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