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WGA Strike: Post pros weigh in on the impact to their business (Published Quote)

With the Writers Guild of America now on strike for the second week over payment disputes relating to streaming content, as well as the potential for AI technology to create content based on the analysis of existing scripts, we surveyed production and post professional as to how their businesses are being disrupted.

By Post Magazine

Dan Goman (pictured, right) is the CEO & founder of Ateliere, which offers media supply chain solutions that help users deliver creative content — from concept to consumer — to screens everywhere.

Goman’s sees this situation as an opportunity for the entertainment industry to both reflect on how technology has changed streaming, and to have an important dialogue on how emerging technologies, such as AI, should be deployed to help enhance the creative process and improve efficiency throughout the streaming and broadcast landscape.

“There is no doubt that this is a critical turning point in television and film,” says Goman. Moving forward, Goman believes there are three issues that should be addressed. First, he says, technology should be adapted to work for writers.

“Integrating AI and tech solutions can complement the skills and workflow of writers, providing them with the tools they need to optimize their creative potential and bring their stories to life in new and compelling ways.”

Second, he suggests using technology to streamline repetitive tasks.

“Technology can handle mundane, time-consuming tasks, freeing up writers to focus on the sophisticated, creative aspects of their work. This collaborative approach allows humans to excel in what they do best while benefiting from the efficiency and speed of technology.”

Lastly, Goman says that harmony needs to be found between writers and technology.


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