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Ateliere CEO Dan Goman on Creative Pool: The Evolution of Streaming Meets Technology

Dan Goman, CEO and founder of Ateliere Technologies picks apart the current streaming subscriber churn and offers an elegant cloud-based solution to the problem.

For most people that grew up during the golden age of cable TV, the advent of streaming services was a dream. No ads, no expensive cable bundles, the ability to binge entire shows at once – content on demand. What’s not to love? Plus, the relatively low subscription fee – sign me up. That was the zeitgeist of the last 10 years and no one was able to capture it better than Netflix.

For the first time in history, streaming services hit 1 billion subscriptions worldwide during the height of COVID-19 in 2020, which was a 26% increase over subscribers in 2019. Numerous high profile new subscription streaming services launched in the last several years, which provided consumers more options – but along with more options came more subscriptions to pay for and manage.

With COVID lockdowns largely over, inflation kicking in and an overwhelming number of subscription services chipping away at pay checks, consumers are now facing the first wave of subscription fatigue and for the first time, consumers are being selective about the services they choose to pay for. ...


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